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Q: Can I use a Denon 2000F remote with DN2000F-MKIII player? How about the reverse?

A:  No. MKIII Remotes are NOT compatible with older players. MKIII players are also NOT compatible with older series remotes. Connecting these units together WILL DAMAGE your equipment.

Q: My DJ player will not play CD's that I made on my computer.

A:  CD's made at high speed have a much poorer signal than commercially made CD's as CR Recordable is a different process than 'Mastered' (store bought) CD's.. Many CD players can not lock on them. We can modify DN-2000FMKII and DN-2500F player to improve the playability of these discs. Most CD's recorded at 4X and slower will play on any player. 8X and 16X will have trouble on many players. If you have trouble with this sort of disc, it is best to include a sample of the disc with the player when you send it in for repair.

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