UPS's packing tips
Special instructions for Turntables
Shipping Form

Here are a few fairly simple instructions for safely packing and shipping a unit to us for repair.

1. Fill out the shipping form completely and put it in an envelope with proof of purchase and check. Make sure this is packed with the unit.

2. Some CD and DVD players need transport screws. Check your owners manual and put in transport screws. If you don't have them and they are needed, either contact us or the manufacturer.

3. Pack the unit in the original factory packing material if possible. If not you have several options:

You can take your unit to a professional packing and shipping company such as UPS store. Or...

Find a box large enough to have at least three inches of padding on all sides of your unit.

Wrap your unit in bubble wrap (the tough kind with large bubbles) - two or three layers thick. Make sure to tape the bubblewrap so the unit is securely padded inside.

Put a couple inches of peanuts in the bottom of the box. Then put the wrapped unit into them. Stuff peanuts around the unit and tape the box firmly shut.

Another option to use is InstaPak or Foam-in-place (following the directions for use.)

Remember to enclose the remote, shipping form and other required paperwork with your unit.

Make sure your unit is insured for replacement value. We recommend shipping through UPS, especially if units are heavy items like receivers. Fedex is also a good choice, though they tend to have troubles handling heavy receivers.

Send it to:

Audio Services
544 Central Drive #101
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

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