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Turntable parts are now easier to come by than they used to be. We can source or find replacement needles and belts for almost any turntable or cartridge, and if the cartridge needs replacing, you can get a new Audio Technica through us.

The trick with finding a needle is we have to know what turntable it came from. We can probably cross-reference and find a needle if we have certain information: the turntable model number, the cartridge make and model (or if it came as part of the turntable), or the needle brand and part number. The most important numbers are the turntable brand/model and the cartridge model so we can cross-reference in our stock of Pfanstiehl replacement needles.

Finding belts for turntables are slightly easier. All we need to know is the turntable make and model, and we can do the rest.

So if you are looking for replacement parts for your turntable, contact us to see if we have it. If we don't have it in stock we can probably put it on order for you.

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