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Special instructions for packing turntables

Many turntables and record players have heavy platters (the part the record sits on) that can become loose when shipped. This massive item can cause extensive cosmetic and mechanical damage to the turntable if it does become loose while in transit. In addition, the tonearm counterweights are heavy and can bend or break the tonearm if the left on during shipment. Before packing and shipping your turntable, please note the following:

  1. Check your instruction manual for the recommended packing procedure.

  2. Many turntable platters are removeable and should be packed underneath the turntable when shipped.

  3. Secure the tone arm to the tonearm rest with a twist or bread tie.

  4. Remove and the pack the headshell (end of the tone arm where the cartridge is mounted) in a separate container. If the cartridge has a stylus guard, be sure to use it. If not, pack in a way that the packing material won't contact the stylus tip as it's quite fragile.

  5. If the counter-weight is removeable, remove it and tape it in a labled block of styrofoam (so we find it when we unpack your turntable).

  6. If you include the dust cover, tape it closed to the turntable with some thin cardboard in between it and the turntable to keep from scratching the finish.

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