Here's the latest information on Crown International Repairs:

Our lead tech started servicing Crown International products in 1979. Audio Services has been an authorized service center since 1987. Crown produces some of the finest audio equipment on the planet, and we are proud to be one of their authorized servicer centers.

Older Models - In additition to all the current Crown Products, we are servicing these models that the factory is no longer servicing:

Preamps IC-150, IC-150A, DL2C, DL2S, DL2PM, SL1

Tuners FM1, FM3, PFM3

Equalizers EQ2

Amplifiers DC-300, PL1, PL2

Crossovers MX4, VFX2, VFX2A

Sorry, we do not service Crown reel-to-reel tape recorders. We can recommend John Haines of Jemah Service in Goshen, Indiana 574-534-9122 .

Pro Audio and DJ Equipment Repair

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