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Here are a few fairly simple instructions for safely packing and shipping a unit to us for repair. Following these instructions will help ensure that your unit arrives intact without the shipping damage so often seen from too small of boxes or insufficient packing.

1. Most CD and DVD changers need transport screws. Check your owners manual and put in transport screws. If you don't have them and they are needed, either contact us or the manufacturer.

2. Pack the unit in the original factory packing material if possible. (Possible means that the box is in good condition and that the packing material inside is not crushed. Otherwise it will be insufficiently packed and may be easily damaged.) If you don't have the originals in good condition, you do have several options:

You can take your unit to a professional packing and shipping company such as UPS store. Or...

Measure unit (L X W X H) including feet, knobs and jacks. Find a box at least 6" larger than unit on all three sides.

Wrap your unit in bubble wrap (the tough kind with large bubbles) - two or three layers thick. Make sure to tape the bubblewrap so the unit is securely padded inside.

Put a couple inches of peanuts in the bottom of the box. Then put the wrapped unit into them. Stuff peanuts around the unit and tape the box firmly shut.

Another option to use is InstaPak ® or Foam-in-place (following the manufacturer directions for use.)

3. Remember to enclose the remote, shipping form and other required paperwork with your unit.

4. Make sure your unit is insured for replacement value. We recommend you ship UPS although Fedex and DHL are also good options for lighter units. We do not advise shipping through USPS as they are notorious for manhandling packages, we have received more damaged units through them (and their damage claims take many weeks to go through), and they are much more expensive than the alternatives.

5. Units heavier than 40lbs should be shipped in original shipping carton with original padding or foam-in-place only.

6. Most turntables have removeable platters. Make sure you follow packing directions for your turntable to avoid extensive damage to your turntable.

7. Be sure to fill out a repair request form; the package must have an RRF number to be accepted at Audio Services.

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