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If you'd like to ship your unit in for repairs, please use This Form.

There are many types of audio equipment Audio Services is able to repair. "Home" or "Car" stereo refers to those units that you use in your house (home theater, surround sound, etc.) or your car (CD player, radio.) "Pro/DJ" refers to the mini-mixers and the CD players that DJs use. "Commercial" gear refers to radio station broadcast equipment and "Studio" or "Duplication" equipment refers to duplicators be they CD or tape duplicators, reel-to-reels, or large mixers.

Audio Services also caters to those who use vintage equipment.  We also service tube gear including guitar amps and re-foam speakers.

For minimum service fee purposes, only Home and Car audio are considered "Home" - the rest are considered "Pro" audio.

There are, of course, units that we are unable to repair and those are listed here. Certain brands, models, or types of units are factory serviceable only or parts are completely unavailable for them.

Audio Services is a warranty service center on the following brands:

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