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Packing Instructions
Repair Request Form

To send us your unit you need to do the following:

1. Fill out this form.  Upon completion, we will receive your request to send us your unit and you will receive an email response from us. Normally we will return a Repair Request Number (RRF) which must be written on the outside of your shipping box. If we are unable to issue an RRF, we will contact you by email to determine the next step.

2. If unit is under warranty, be sure to send proof of purchase with your Repair Request Form. Images of your Proof of Purchase can be uploaded with the form. Also include the WA# if the unit is a Soundcraft Product. Please contact Soundcraft for this number prior to submitting the form.  

3. Please include any remote control with the unit. The technicians often need to use the remote controls for testing purposes.

4. There is a $95.00 minimum service fee (applying to the total cost) for all non-warranty units that we request you enclose. If you have any questions about this, contact us. You may also request on the form to have us call you for a credit card number when the unit arrives.

5. Please check with us to see what our current turn-around time is. If you decide that your unit needs to be "Rushed" please let us know in the Complaint section of the Repair Request Form. The Rush fee guarantees the unit on the bench within 2 business days of receipt and 2nd day air is covered (up to $20 shipping costs) to get your parts here quickly. We're sorry, but the rush service does not guarantee availability of parts from their manufacturer.

6. IMPORTANT!!! Pack your unit CAREFULLY. We receive far too many shipping-damaged units because the box was too small or had improper packing material. Here are some pictures of what can happen - look at that page and you will have a couple of very good reasons to spend an extra ten or fifteen minutes packing the box. Here are directions on the best way to pack a unit if you do not have an original box and packing or if the packing is old and crumbled. Please be advised that we cannot return your unit in the box it came in if it is too small, has been damaged, or does not meet our standards for safe shipping. Charges incurred are the responsibility of the customer. This applies to warranty and non-warranty repairs.

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